"but i am the chosen one"

i'm jealous of sunflowers because they're taller than me

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A ‘quickie’ with Taylor Swift

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the amazing spider-man 2 + trivia

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I just remembered that we get voice memos with this album can I get a HECK YEAH

Taylor Swift speaking gibberish

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Anonymous asked: how did you get taylor to follow you???? seems like i'm the only person who still hasn't gotten a follow from her... i don't spam her or anything, i just sit in front of my laptop and expect a miracle to happen, which probably won't, and i think that's the stupidest idea ever i'm giving up



Hey x 

I just want to say I have honestly no idea how or why she followed me, but I am so thankful. I don’t think I tagged her an excessive amount of tags, but I do recall making about two posts tagging her and tagging her in my friends’ posts.

A few days ago my friend asked me a similar question- however I told her to tag her as much has she could when she’s online- that’s another thing, always tag her when she’s online. And believe it or not she got a follow within thirty minutes…

So yeah tag her as much as you can, and I know it’s annoying but when you get down to it it’s really the only way.

Good luck :* x  



hello I lost my voice

then how did u make this post?


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if i have a boyfriend next halloween we’re going as mabel and dipper and no ones stopping us


I think there should be a Gravity Falls episode where some fairies or other supernatural creature that Dipper discovers causes them to only be able to speak as if they are in a musical and they burst into random song throughout the episode


The invisible ink shows up bad with my phone camera, but it looks much better in person. So finally, I have finished my floating eyeballs and giant vampire bats page.

Since I haven’t posted progress on the journal in like a month (uuughhgh why did I procrastinate so much), I think I’ll put links to my other posts about the journal.

Other blacklight pages so far

a bunch of pages and stuff

this one is kind of insignificant but I mean eh whatever it’s still pretty rad


Imagine mabel flipping out because the starbucks barista spelled her name “mable”

I am looking for blogs to follow


Please of you post:
Sword Art Online
Star Wars
Adventure Time
Gravity Falls
Doctor Who
Or just funny stuffs please like this post and if I like your blog I will follow you. Please mutual follow!

I want Mark to voice a character in Gravity Falls…



ariel-is-mabel markiplier gravityfalls disneyanimation

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